Q: Do I need to be in shape before I start?


A: No matter what class you are participating in, you do not need to be in shape to start this.  This is a place where you can get into shape, stay in shape, and push yourself to higher levels of fitness.

Q: What gear do I need to start?

A: When you come in for your free trial you don't need anything except a good attitude.  From there, depending on which class(es) you are taking we will recommend what gear to get and where to get it.


Q: I have no experience with any of the classes you offer. Can I still train at American Top Team?

A: Absolutely! Many of our students come to us without any kind of training. During your first class, one of our trainers will work with you on the fundamental skills you’ll need to participate in the classes. All of our classes are designed to be accessible to any student, even those without prior training



Q: I’m not sure if I want to do this or not. Can I try out a class?

A: Certainly! Give us a call at 561-855-2178 to schedule a free week trial.