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Elite Boxing West Palm Beach owner Dave Lewter with his Champion belts.

Elite Boxing West Palm Beach owner Dave Lewter with his Champion belts.

Dave Lewter

1995 - Florida Golden Gloves Junior Middle Weight Champion

Three time two division ISKA and PKA World Kickboxing Champion

W.B.C Americas Pro Boxing Champion

Franky Gedeon - ELITE BOXING coach

Golden Gloves Champion

Ranked 5th in the Nation

Ranked 1st in South Florida

Professional Fights - 5 wins, 4 knockouts, 2 draws, 1 loss

Jhnealle Gilman - ELITE BOXING COACH

8 Years of Boxing Experience

2 Years in Taekwando

Elite Boxing

The Elite Boxing program, led by World Kickboxing Champion Dave Lewter, is a fantastic way to maximize  overall health. Taught by passionate and qualified coaches, these classes are dynamic, high energy, and loads of fun. Boxing is one of the most physically demanding sports, and when met with dedication and commitment, can yield life-long, positive changes in one's health mentally, physically, and intellectually. Whether you are looking for the best training to go pro, or just looking to improve your health with an extra hour of fitness a day, these classes will undoubtedly enable you to fulfill professional results. Under these classes, you can expect to:

  • Lose weight
  • Reduce body fat percentage
  • Tone up
  • Improve strength
  • Improve energy and stamina
  • Learn self defense
  • Gain confidence
  • Elevate sense of discipline and respect for self and others
  • Maximize overall health physically, mentally, emotionally, and intellectually

So, what are you waiting for? Come try a class today!

Before and Afters

"Dangerous" Dave Lewter
        22-4 (15 KOs)

Dave began amateur boxing in 1993 and became a three-time, two division I.S.K.A. World Kickboxing Champion. Three years later, the Florida State Golden Gloves Champ became a promising middle weight pro, signing with world famous promoter Lou Duva and Main events Boxing.

Lewter began training with some of the best pro boxers and trainers in boxing, including fighters like Pernell "Sweet Pea" Whitiker, Vernon "The Viper" Forrest, "Ferocious" Fernando Vargas, Zab "Super" Judah, Glenn Johnson, Kassim "The Dream" Ouma, and more. Now wokring with trainers like Ronnie Sheilds, Roger Bloodworth, and others, Lewter racked up 16 pro fights in the next 18 months.

On may 5th of 2000 in Dallas, Texas, Lewter won the W.B.C. Continental Americas middleweight title with a 9th round K.O. In June 2004, at the Harriet Himmel Theater, Lewter won a fight against Robert Davis, acquiring his impressive current record of 22 wins and 4 losses.

Lewter has also received a black belt from world kickboxing champion Steve Shepherd. In 35 years of training fighters, Steve has only awarded 15 black belts; Lewter was awarded his in a record time of only 18 months.


Through training and conditioning at Dave Lewters Boxing, Serena Williams won the Australian open! She has been back to work with Dave since then because she got what she was looking for and says she will be back again.

N. B. A. Player. Career Highlights and Awards: Sioux Falls Skyforce (1997–1998), LaCrosse Bobcats (1998), Atlantic City Seagulls (1999–2000), Boston Celtics (2000–2002; 2003–2006), Denver Nuggets (2002–2003), Minnesota Timberwolves (2006–2007; 2009-2010), Miami Heat (2007–2009)

Career Highlights and AwardsCollege: College: Virginia Tech. NFL Draft: 2004 / Round: 1 / Pick: 30. Debuted in 2004 for the Detroit lions 2000 Hall Trophy Winner. Career NFL stats as of Week 17, 2009. As player: Detroit Lions (2004-2007), Chicago Bears (2008-2009) Rushing yards 3,176. Rushing average 4.0. Rushing TDs 24.

Anquan plays for the Arizona Cardinals Pro

It is getting close to almost 2 yr.  that I decided to give boxing a try because I wanted to lose weight and feel better about myself.
I decided to go to a place called Elite Boxing. Because of my age, I turn 63 next week, it took all my courage to go in and meet withDave Lewter who owns Elite Boxing. I keptthinking he would either just sorta put up with my questions but really not care. Well I was so wrong,  Dave made me feel totally at ease and that I could make boxing work for me no matter of my age or my physical problems bad knees etc. Lol!
I started classes and took private lessons with Dave and it was the best decision I ever made.
How many trainers send you a text if you missed a few classes to check that you are ok. I will tell you not many would even bother to even worry about you.
I am treated with respect and I have a blast every time I go to class. 
Dave's technique is top notch.
Dangerous Dave Lewter retired as a top boxer years ago but his legacy lives on with the professionals he trains,  but most important of all with the ordinary people like me who have had their life changedboth physically and mentally.
Come sign up for boxing classes
and trust me you will have no regrets.
I am now 30lb. thinner and much stronger. 
Dave makes sure that each of his customers feel like they are part of the team! You do not get that type of training and coaching at other places.
I am so happy to be writing thisas I gave a 5 star review over a year ago and I still give Elite Boxing a 5 star review for a 2nd time.

Thanks Coach Dave you are the best.

A loyal satisfied customer
Marguerite "The Maniac" Panzarello

Physical fitness is a major part of Lewter's area of expertise. One day I witnessed one of his students, a nice guy in his late 30s. Come into the gym near tears. Working with Dave on nutrition and rigorous workout, this guy came into announced today that their work together had paid off. He had lost 40 pounds and was no longer obese! The guy said, "I cannot believe "I"did this." Pivotal word for me was "I". He knows now that he himself can do this, or whatever he sets his mind to. Dave Lewter no longer the crutch. Mission accomplished. I believe it is Dave Lewter's endgame. For each student, young or old, physical health and graters self-esteem vibe be leaving you can do anything by Mr. Lewter's convincing you that YOU Can.


As for me- Dave Lewter is stuck with me whether he likes it or not.
You want to improve your life or your children's physically and mentally? Put Dave Lewter in it.

Signed, a healthier, happier student







I always loved to watch boxing as a sport since I was a kid. I wanted to get back in shape, lose weight and just start to feel better about myself.
At 61yr. Old I decided to try boxing. I signed up with Elite boxing and met Dave Lewter. I thought everyone would be thinking what is this old lady doing here trying boxing. Well I was totally wrong. Dave made me feel that I belonged in the class. He gives you encouragement, has you work at your capacity level but will push you so you want to keep trying. Everyone he trains in his classes are nice and work with me. The most important thing is Dave cares about you as a person. It doesn't matter what age you are Dave is happy to train you and makes you feel good about yourself.
I am now 25lb. thinner, have more strength and follow a better diet which Dave gave me.
I feel not only do I have the best boxing coach, but that I have met a new friend.
Thank you Dave for believing in me and taking the time to care. What more can you ask for when you join a gym?  Well join Elite boxing and you will be satisfied with everything!

You the best Dave!

Marguerite Panzarello


"Dave Lewter is one of the best fighters and coaches on the planet. He can teach you the same style Floyd Mayweather uses and more. It's the most advanced, effective, technical fighting style there is. He is a gentleman in his methodology. You will not be dissapointed. Want the fastest possible results? Hire him to do private lessons with you. He could honestly be charging a lot more than he does considering his vast knowledge, experience and ability to teach you how to get it right. lessons worth their weight in gold." - Justin Kelefas

“I first brought my 9 year old daughter to Coach Dave with the goal of improving her footwork for tennis. I knew that he would be great when I saw that he had worked with Serena Williams but now see that great would be an understatement. He is simply phenomenal! After only four sessions, my daughter'stennis coach (who is a world famous coach in Boca Raton)  was in disbelief after seeing her literally fly around the court. Her feetdidn't stop moving and after her session, he declared this to be a major breakthrough. Most importantly, she is having so much fun learning to box with Coach Dave ( who is the ultimate motivator both physically and mentally ) and looks forward to every session! I have been around top trainers and coaches for many years and can say hands down that Coach Dave is a truly rare gem.

S. Reddy, Wellington, FL

“When I was going through a difficult time in my life a friend told me about Elite Boxing. He said to me that it will be a good idea for me to join the gym and do something different than working out at a typical gym. The moment I walked in Elite Boxing I felt such a positive energy and everyone was extremely nice and supportive. Dave, Frankie, Victor are like family to me now, and all of the friends I made are also like family. This is really not just a gym. It’s a blessing for me to be able to be part of the Elite Boxing Family. They helped me with my fitness, but also help me built a positive outlook of life and confidence to be able to face challenges and difficult situations life might throw my way. I highly recommend for everyone to
try this Gym, you will be glad you did. Elite Boxing is the best, and I feel honored to say that I’m part of it and that Dave Lewter is my friend and mentor. Thanks a million.”

-Xavier Govea


“This gym is amazing! Dave Lewter has amazing nutrition and fat loss advice. I started out as little ball of fat without an ounce of muscle, but now I have 8 pack abs and about 5-6% body fat! If you’re interested in learning how to be a great boxer as well as getting a sexy, chiseled physique from hard exercise, Elite boxing is the place for you!

Definitely the best gym I’ve been to out of all of the ones in West palm beach, palm beach gardens and other city gyms I’ve been to. Dave is the best boxing coach/ fitness guru around and there isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t thank him for the seemingly impossible goals he helped me achieve!

I recommend Elite Boxing to men, women, and children of all age”

- Anonymous


“After losing 50 lbs Dave helped lay the foundation for my amateur and professional fighting career. After training with fight teams all over the nation I have recognized the superior training offered by Dave in the Elite-Boxing facility in West Palm Beach.” 

“Dave has helped me develop my boxing and kickboxing game into a professional level. He has taught me not only the fighting aspect but the business aspect as well. Dave is not only a trainer but a teacher, a truly rare find! Thanks Dave!”  Patrick Doty

WATCH VIDEO OF PATRICK: http://www.sherdog.com/fighter/Patrick-Doty-26595

-Patrick Doty



“I started at Elite Boxing gym with Dave Lewter about four years ago, almost five now. When I started, I was really shy and slightly overweight and just really quiet. Only after a couple of weeks at the gym, I started to lose weight get fitter and slowly started becoming the person I am today. I’m more self-confident and just not shy anymore. Training there has been awesome because its shaped me into who I am, and has played such a big role in my life; it got me in shape which got me into sports. My parents encouraged me to use the endurance and overall fitness I had gained from training in school. I tried out for various sports and made all of teams I tried out for, and was able to become captain of the cross country and track teams my senior year of high school. I also found my passion for running through his gym because if it wasn’t for that, I would have never started exercising. It’s been awesome to just find that part of me.

I think that the most important thing I have attained from training at the gym is the knowledge of self-defense, and just knowing that if I ever need to I can use that knowledge. I recently when out for a run one day just minding my own business, thinking it was like any other run, when I suddenly heard footsteps running up behind me. I naturally thought it was another runner, just running really fast, but then the next thing I know, I’m on the ground and I realize that I’m being assaulted. I immediately remembered the things I had learned from training to stay calm, and defend myself. I was able to flip over onto my back and get the more aggressive of the attackers to get off of me and to leave me alone while his partner realized that I kind of knew what I was doing. Luckily, my overprotective dad made me carry pepper spray and I used it to get them to not come any closer. In the end, it was the training I had received at the gym that allowed me to stay calm and react to what was happening because I had learned to push through and never give up. The little bit of sparring I had done at the gym helped too as it placed me under pressure and a somewhat similar situation to the one I had gone through. Training there has also helped me be strong through this by giving me an outlet to get everything out and recover from such a traumatic experience.”

“I’ve always been pretty athletic. From powerlifting to football in high school, then taekwondo to krav maga. I’ve also had various gym memberships to keep myself active. After 3 months of joining Dave Lewter’s, I’ve never been so happy with my body as I am now. I can honestly say this is the best shape I’ve ever been in my life. With Dave and Franky’s training my new goal is amateur golden gloves champion. Thank you Dave and Franky! – Jhnealle G”

“Member for over 6 months, and I honestly believe the future of the art and sport of boxing can be summed into 2 words “Dave Lewter”. His method is effective, detailed, and enjoyable. Through his training he helps you develop technique that will help you reach any goal(s) you may have. I’m living proof, my start weight was 265… I now weigh 237 (original goal was 245 – new goal is 220). Dave, I couldn’t have done it without you and Frankie.”


Marc Molsbee lost 40lbs @ Elite Boxing and Fitness!!


“So, everyone knows that feeling of wanting to find a way to let out frustration, anger, aggravation, all those things that build pressure like a volcano…..so why not boxing or Muay Thai! Well, that may be the reason you went, but it won’t be the reason you stay. What I discovered was a place and people where you can just let go of everything…you just focus on what you’re doing. Your mind has no time to wander…it is busy learning from people who really know how to teach you. It is a place to feel safe. Weird? Nope. It’s a boxing gym…and I’m a girl, right? Doesn’t matter. These are amazing, decent, caring people and you get taken into the fold and included. It is a place where you can become strong both physically and mentally, even when you don’t think you have it in you anymore……You will push yourself because it makes you feel good. And you will learn. Every day you will readjust where you thought your limits were. And all in an environment of mutual respect and, quite honestly, fun! I won’t keep Dave’s gym a secret….when you have found something you truly enjoy, you have to share it!!!”

-Katrin Callaway


“When I came to Dave’s gym, I knew very little about boxing. Even though I had trained at other gyms, nobody ever taught me the way or the techniques Dave did. Now after just 1 year of training with Dave, I can feel comfortable sparring with other people and even with professional fighters. Nobody in south Florida will teach you what Dave will. From slipping punches to throwing combos, Dave knows it like the palm of hand. His method is simple but effective. It works for self defense or in sanctioned fights. He’s the best at what he does…”It just works”!!!”

-Ricky Espana


“I lived in West Palm Beach my whole life.  I been around the Martial Arts since the 2nd grade.  Trained in gyms from Portland Oregon, Reno, Miami, Hollywood Florida, Australia, and Thailand… I haven’t yet worked with someone as passionate and honest as Dave when it comes to Boxing.  He explains the fundamentals very clear which makes it exciting to get.  Dave is a pro when it comes to boosting someone’s confidence and self-esteem. He understands the importance of the mental game and injects it into everyone he works with. Dave is very honest and will tell you how it is, there is no questioning to what he has to say about the stand up aspect of a fight just positive results.”

- Chad Angelocci Stand Up/MMA Coach The Armory Wellington


“Like many people when I was younger I was in great shape, but as I got older, I let my weight get out of control. I knew going to a traditional gym was not for me because I found it boring. Also, I felt I needed someone directing me on what to do each workout. I’m thrilled I joined Dave Lewter’s Boxing. I was not interested in learning how to box but I wanted to train like a boxer. I knew it would be a fun workout different from boring exercise at a gym. 

The classes are amazing and the instructors are great. I have been a member for 4 months and have lost 20 pounds. Best of all, my blood pressure is now normal and I no longer need to take any medications.  My doctor couldn’t believe how fit I have become in such a short time and that’s only going to the gym twice a week. 

I feel healthy and look good, and I am very motivated that so much change occurred in such a short time. Its a great place to workout and everyone is very supportive.”

-Steve Adler



“I have been attending the Dave Lewter Boxing gym for the last 8 months. It has been a wonderful experience. The moment I met Mr. Lewter, I was amazed at how “kind” he was. I started taking classes immediately and have been “addicted” ever since. The lessons are “informative” and “educational” concerning the technical aspects of boxing, which is what I am interested in. I also lost 30 lbs since I started through the exercise program he does and proper dieting. (other students I know lost a lot more than 30 lbs). Mr. Lewter always answers any questions I have and seems to really care about his students .He has a love for boxing and an enthusiasm when he teaches. I can honestly say I have enjoyed every single class I have taken there and I go around 3 to 5 times per week. I am looking forward to renewing my yearly membership and continuing to learn more.” Pruz

“Sixteen months ago I decided that I had better start exercising. I had recently turned sixty and had been leading a sedentary life for several years. And at five feet ten inches and 136 pounds, I was also underweight. What I did not want was just another run-of-the-mill gym offering only boring and repetitive weight training exercises. I needed an interesting form of exercise where I could also learn a new skill. That’s where boxing came in. I joined Dave’s gym because of its friendly atmosphere that welcomes men, women, and children of all skill levels. I was surprised to see professional boxers training under the same roof as beginners and children. And not the least of which is Dave Lewter. Dave is a first rate boxer, a first rate teacher and a first rate person. It is always a pleasure to enter his gym. In the past sixteen months I’ve taken numerous boxing classes and private lessons and have gotten back into shape, gained eleven pounds of muscle and have had a great time learning a new and useful skill.”

-Bill McCullough


“I have been interested in learning how to box for quite some time, but always was apprehensive if it was an environment that I would fit in. However, I am so glad I did. I was welcomed from the day I walked in, by not only Dave but my fellow gym members. dave is a true expert in what he teaches and is passionate in developing everyone’s skills. Boxing is an intense workout, an adrenaline rush, and an awesome skill to learn. You train along side amateur fighters, brand new beginners, and everyone in between and you train at your own pace so that you get exactly whatever you want from experience. If you want to increase your fitness, decrease your stress, learn a great technical sport while improving your overall quality of life, join.”

-Jess Jacobs


“A few months ago I decided I needed to get into shape and find something I liked doing enough to stay with it. Recently I’ve lost 45 pounds in nine months using the teachings and techniques I’ve learned at Lewters Boxing Gym. Lewters is a friendly, family oriented place where people of all ages and fitness levels can go to receive quality instruction in a comfortable setting. Dave is an excellent instructor who is dedicated to helping his students achieve their personal fitness goals. Thanks to Dave and the friendly people I’ve met at Lewter’s Boxing, I’ve found a fun and interesting way to keep in shape for life.”

-Joe Duley


“Dave Lewter’s Boxing gym is a great place to work out! The instructors are very courteous & professional in helping you to achieve any of your fitness goals. This gym has something for everyone–whether you’re a novice looking to learn boxing’s basic fundamentals Or just simply someone who wants to get into & stay in shape. In only nine months, I have lost over 85lbs! Choosing to go to this gym was the best investment in my health that I have ever made.”

-John Nguyen


“I believe that Dave Lewter’s boxing gym has a positive influence on the West Palm Beach community. For me personally it’s a place that I can not live without. I better myself physically and mentally when I go into Dave’s gym. I met a lot of people in there that I believe had a positive influence on my life overall and I believe in the future I will meet more of those people. I think Dave is a very capable event organizer and trainer and I think he is the most proficient owner and operator of that gym.”



“I am 53 years old. I have been attending Dave Lewter’s Boxing Fitness Center for 3 months. Before I joined I suffered leg cramps, I could not bend down with out feeling dizzy. My weight in January 2008 was 237 pounds. That was the worst shape I have ever been in. As of April 30, 2008, I weigh 215 pounds and I feel great. I truly recommend Dave Lewter’s Gym.”

-James Rodriguez


“I can without a doubt say that Dave Lewters Boxing Class and Gym are by far the best mental and physical workout.There is nothing better then feeling like you can do just about anything when your done with Lewters class.Dave is so passionate when it comes to teaching or talking with one of his students.If your looking to get into shape and learn something that is very valuable,coming to Dave Lewters Gym is the best thing for you.”

-Robert Adams


“Prior to coming to the Dave Lewter Boxing Gym, I was completely inexperienced in boxing, and in average shape. After only a few months I’ve noticed dramatic improvement in my technique, my confidence, and my physical shape. All this is due to my time spent at Dave Lewter’s Boxing Gym. Dave is a not only a great boxer and teacher, but a great person as well. He runs a great gym with a real sense of community. Whether you’re a beginner (like myself), very experienced and skilled, or just looking to get in shape, Dave will welcome you and help you reach your goals.”

-Pat McKenna


“No matter how long the day may be, I walk through the door of Dave Lewter’s Boxing & Fitness and I feel my mood start to change. Twenty minutes in and I am sweating….and smiling. I know all about endorphins and such. But its more than that. The atmosphere is challenging and encouraging, welcoming all levels to come in and thrive. Its Dave. He really gets people. Somehow he brings a level of warmth to the sport of boxing, making it an attainable hobby, or more, to everyone who enters the door. Thanks Dave !”

-Linda Brownstein


“I have had the most enjoyable experience attending Dave Lewter’s Boxing and Fitness. I first joined the gym to exercise and learn the technical form of boxing, but my journey has developed into so much more. It was apparent from day one how eager and enthused Mr. Lewter is about his instruction. It is hard to put this into words, but every class seems almost “magical” in the sense that Mr. Lewter’s passion really seems to shine through. His love of boxing is very apparent throughout the gym. My expectation of exercise and learning a new sport have been far exceeded. I would recommend this boxing school to anyone of any age.”

-Mark Pruzansky


“Prior to joining Dave Lewter’s boxing gym in October 2007, I exercised strictly by doing weight training and I was truly under the impression that I was in above average shape. That all changed from the moment I started training in Dave’s gym. Although I still do weight training, I feel that the cardiovascular and plyometric exercise that Dave’s unique style of training offers has rounded out my physique to the point where I can say that at almost 31 years old, I am in the best shape of my life (I was 205 lbs when I started, and I am now 185 lbs). I feel fantastic; lighter, quicker, and stronger, more aware of my body’s abilities, and more confident than ever before.

In addition to all of these benefits, I am learning something that is not only fun and interesting in itself as an art form, but it has practical applications in the realm of self defense. As I have progressed, Dave’s attention to technical detail, infectious energy and constant encouragement has pushed me to want to become better as a fighter as opposed to just doing this to stay in shape.

I cannot thank Dave enough for everything he has done for me. I recommend this gym to all of my friends, and I recently got one of them to join. He is becoming addicted to it as well. Thanks Dave!”

-Rob Scaramangos


“I Have been a member of Dave Lewter’s Gym for almost a year now. The journey has been amazing. I lost over 65 pounds!! When looking for a gym I was using the monthly fee as an excuse not to exercise. I have been able to come off and stay off my high blood pressure and cholesterol medicine.

The membership is less than both my co-pays were for the monthly medication. Not only am I in shape, now I also have learned how to defend myself. I have made some great friends and I would recommend anyone that wanted to get in or stay in shape to give Dave Lewter’s Gym a try. They won’t be disappointed because Dave Lewter gets results!”

-Charles Remy


“I met Dave Lewter a year and a half ago and I knew from watching one class he was the real deal. He has a database of knowledge when it comes to Boxing/Standup fighting. His methods are proven and applicable to real world situations. He holds nothing back when it comes to teaching, he’ll give you all the answers for training. I’ve trained in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and taken some kickboxing and Tae Kwon Do instruction but this is by far the most realistic standup fighting I’ve learned. You’ll never realize how much you’re missing out of your training until you step into the ring with Dave Lewter!!”

-Jeremy Hagler


“I am not a naturally athletic or coordinated person, but Dave has helped me to become the beast that I am today. I’ve gained nearly 20lbs of muscle and I almost have less than 7% body fat. And thanks to Dave’s dedication and 1-on-1 training I am currently an undefeated amateur boxer and I intend on keeping it that way.Thank you Dave and everyone at the gym who helped me achieve these goals. Now I can safety walk the streets with my head held high because of my new found level of confidence received at Dave Lewter’s Boxing Fitness Gym.”

-Jaime Williams


“Dave Lewter’s Boxing is very good place to lose weight and to learn boxing techniques. Before I registered in Dave Lewter’s Boxing, I weighed 207 pounds. After six months of training in his gym, I lost 46 pounds. Another thing I like about it is that when you do his technique classes he instructs very well. He doesn’t rush thru the techniques. He makes sure you’re doing the techniques right, and if he sees you make a mistake, he will correct you and work with you in class and after class. I have made some great friends and I would recommend anyone to join Dave Lewter’s Boxing Gym to get in or to stay in shape because Dave Lewter gets results. Trust me. I know.”

-Manuel Cayo


“David Lewter’s Boxing Gym has been a blessing. After moving down from New York last year, it took a while for me to find a Boxing Gym that was worthwhile. I visited a few gyms, but their hours were limited, they had unreasonable price packages, while their training and attention was the norm. I finally found David Lewter’s Gym, and right away I noticed the difference. I was able to attend the first class, free of charge, in order to get a real demo. Just to note, some places were charging me just for a one day demo and required me to buy hand wraps for the demo. After the first class I noticed the difference in regiment, compared to other places. T

he class consist of: A quick warm-up, A demonstration of Boxing Techniques used in real-life fight situations, Demos also include References and Reasons as to how and why Techniques were used during David’s Fight Career, Hands on training using the Heavy Bag and/or Exercising Boxing Techniques with a class partner, The final stretch includes a well fitting cardio that contains exercises that will tune all parts of your Body Frame. In some classes, the Hands on Training is mixed in with the Cardio Exercises, which creates a fast pace and versatile workout. I joined David Lewter’s Gym 4 months ago and I have lost 20 Pounds the right way, while increasing my stamina. My peers and I are noticing the change in definition. The Gym also consists of a work out area which contains popular exercise machines and Boxing equipment; such as heavy bags, speed bags and a Boxing Ring for when you’re ready. Joining David’s Gym as been a good experience. The training is great, the hours are flexible, the price packages are reasonable and it has a family atmosphere, which is hard to find. I recommend David Lewter’s Gym and a visit is worthwhile. Give it a try.” Alex C.

“My involvement with Dave Lewter’s gym has been a life-changing experience. Before training, I was grossly out of shape, weighing in at 230 lbs. I knew nothing about boxing, or fitness in general, and led a sedentary lifestyle. I’ve since come a very long way, losing 70 lbs. I have completely changed my physical appearance, as well as increased my overall health. I have dramatically increased stamina and confidence and am now well on my way to competing in amateur boxing, all thanks to Dave Lewter. I cannot begin to thank him enough for what he has done for me. My life has changed completely.”

-Ryan M. Burk

"I honestly don't even know where to start but one thing that is for sure my fighting has gone to another level and path ever since I started with Dave Lewter. As a MMA fighter not understanding boxing or even striking the proper way in MMA Dave has really taught me so much till I now can spar with pro fighters and actually be effective in either boxing, kickboxing or MMA. Dave has made boxing so much easier for me mentally and physically. I feel like I actually go and learn how to fight and not just throw combos for no reason. I drive an hour just to make his class or private lesson because how effective Dave is in his teaching every SINGLE time I go. I've never been more confident then I am now. I leave more confident every time I leave his class or training session with him. I'm smarter, less scared, and better then I was 7 months ago when I first started with him and I can't thank him enough. It's hard to find someone to train you in every thing they know because they want you to be successful to the fullest. His passion and love for boxing shows in his teaching and outcome of not only my fighting but others too. I'm very confident I will make it far one day just because of Dave and I get excited thinking about it. Dave, I just want to thank you for everything you have done and what u r willing to do for someone else's success." 
- Clay Haggler


I consider fortunate those who get to read this and even more fortunate those who get to meet the person, Dave Lewter.
having moved to Florida from the N.Y. area and having been involved in both cross training and boxing for physical fitness, i looked for a gym and instructor that could meet my high standards. since i had trained with some of the best coaches for years, a new instructor had better be able to teach me something AND without the arrogance that, too often, comes with quality boxing instructors. Dave Lewter so exceeded my requirements that i took the time to write this.

my first encounter:
Saturday my lady, a pre-k-special ed teacher and i entered the gym to observe and meet Dave Lewter.

first impression: Dave was conducting a physical fitness class for children ranging in age from 8-14.the workout was exceptionally varied and intense. it was not so much the regimen but the interaction between Dave and each and every kid that i immediately noticed. the class was full of positive reinforcement as Dave constantly complimented each child-by name, the physical benefits were a natural by-product of the self-esteem building by Mr. Lewter. my professional companion pointed this out to me. i, too, realized this since age 13, i had been taught a "one sized fits all" mentality. Dave Lewter focused on the progress each person made in conquering a particular weakness. this, in turn, kept each one BELIEVING in his ability to improve.

what i took away was that this guy was teaching a "can do" mentality: he was a self-esteem builder. his kids did better because THEY thought they could; not because Dave said they could. he was "motor setting" their egos. children are mentally very fragile. they have to be made to believe they are capable and ultimately to like themselves. ADULTS are the same.

what i saw and ultimately confirmed was that being exposed to this guy ,Lewter, long enough could mitigatre if not kill the insecurity in all of us.

Whether you are an insecure child, a shaky 20-year-old with no direction, a 35-year-old or a 50-year-old being introduced to mortality, we all need someone to strengthen us physically and emotionally. This is what this guy was doing.

Now me-my personal takeaway:
I'm a pretty grounded guy. I've been successful in business. I have a black belt in martial arts - not at all easy. I have been trained by some excellent trainers and have been boxing for decades. So with all this confidence I wanted someone who could show me something. Boxing is like anything else, you learn until you die.

Dave Lewter sent me from college back to kindergarten, and I love it. My former coaches were all good, but Dave showed me things I was not taught; important, but not as important as the way he makes me better.

This comes Full circle to how who taught the children's first alluded to:
When Dave trains me, he put me at ease by always having a smile: very important. he speaks WITH me: not To me or At me. This is a major for anyone's self-esteem: mine or a child's. I have a million questions based on my "what if scenarios" Dave answers and welcomes these questions. He inspires by listening, answering and demonstrating by using his extraordinary boxing skills.
He constantly tells me, "you have questions, I have answers." As with the children he build my self-confidence by encouraging, not ridiculing.

I look forward to every session because
1. It is stress-free.
2. I will learn something new or get better at something already known.
3. Dave has given me a chance to focus on something He has made enjoyable, thus allowing me to escape the horrors of the real world for a while.

Last observation: this, I think, is Dave Lewter's real endgame.


Elite Boxing Schedule at American Top Team West Palm Beach

Elite Boxing Schedule at American Top Team West Palm Beach

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Elite Boxing Rules and Requirements at American Top Team West Palm Beach